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[mp3] we've seen the things you do (repost) - noise_floor [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[mp3] we've seen the things you do (repost) [Jul. 10th, 2008|08:16 pm]
The first time I posted this, the links didn't work. Sorry! Try this.

While I liked other songs on Bluebird (Jagjaguwar, 2000), it was only "Bride" that made Sarah White's name stay in my head long after she seemed to vanish from the indie world. Her voice sounds like a coffee-table puzzle in which seven different kinds of defeat interlock to form a surprisingly-shaped contentment, which is half of why I loved the song; the other half is the way the guitar acts as the main rhythmic element, constantly anticipating itself with the sound of fingers on strings.

So that was a long time ago, and I guess I burned the blueprint of that song into my brain thoroughly enough that the presence of drums on her newish album White Light (Antenna Farm, 2006) is a constant surprise. Every single whack of the snare drum sounds potentially deafening, like, man, I'm glad that guy is all the way in the corner, or else I'm pretty sure it would overwhelm Sarah White's voice.

But as I said, "or else I'm pretty sure it would overwhelm her" is White's specialty.

Sarah White - Bride
Sarah White & The Pearls - Spoken Word

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