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So Liz Phair has this new album, and the single is this song… - noise_floor [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 6th, 2010|05:09 pm]
So Liz Phair has this new album, and the single is this song "Bollywood", which is about her experiences with the mainstream entertainment industry. It's oddly like listening to a Zappa throwaway-- self-righteous attacks on the easiest targets possible, goofy voices, actually kind of fun in its willful obtuseness, and/but not something you'd want to listen to twice.

The first three tracks of the album are like that. Then... ordinary songs. That takes guts! Well, maybe 'guts' is the wrong word. It's not like the sequencing is a vote of confidence in the material-- she just, I'm guessing, wants people to hear her vengeance songs more than the tuneful/normal/whatever songs.

Another Liz Phair media fracas, right? Except she's actually more or less letting the music speak for itself this time. The album appeared without warning, and to the extent that it represents a pose, it's a totally self-documenting one. I like *that*, even if the songs are good-not-great and the experimental tracks are...

I mean, actually, I've listened to "Bollywood" four times, but I don't know *why*, and I'd have trouble saying I enjoy it.

There's supposedly no such thing as bad publicity, but that's because publicity has some other occurrence as its intended object; it can succeed despite being 'bad'. Is there also no such thing as bad being-listened-to?