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[Nov. 19th, 2009|11:25 am]
Apparently: John Hill (rhythm guitarist for indiepop band The Apples In Stereo) and Sam Endicott (singer/songwriter for recent Cure-imitation band The Bravery) worked together to write and produce three songs on Shakira's new album, including the lead single. Wikipedia reveals no indication that they've done anything else together.

I used to think it was bizarre that Linda Perry, leader of the horrifically bad 4 Non Blondes, reappeared a few years after "What's Up" as the writer of Pink's "Get The Party Started" and Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful". Now it just seems like, okay, maybe she was an industry striver the whole time.

Still pretty weird that the Housemartins' drummer turned into Fatboy Slim, though.

And that the keyboardist from Heavenly was creator and co-host of Junkyard Wars.